A comprehensive program to treat individuals who are currently recovering from a neurological injury or disorder.

Day Neuro Program

Programs & Treatments



Traumatic/Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Parkinson's Disease

Brain/Spinal Tumor Recovery


Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

Multiple Sclerosis

Huntington's Disease/Basal Ganglia Disorders


NDT Certified and trained physical and occupational therapists

Neuro-IFRAH trained staff

Vital Stim certified speech therapists

Amp Care-certified speech therapist

Augmentative Communication implementation speech therapist

Certified Therapy Provider for SpeechEasy

Dry Needling Certified Physical Therapist


In the clinic and on the road driving evaluation and training

Interactive Metronome



Social work services for individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and community resource management

Neuropsychological services including individual psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, and cognitive testing

Wound Care

Home Safety Evaluations

Transitional services for return to work including worksite evaluations and employer education

Modalities such as neuromuscular stimulation and ESTIM

Education groups

Leisure activities

Community outings

PT/INR Monitoring

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We take pride in our ability to serve our patients anywhere they need it. If you’d like to come and visit our inpatient facilities, meet our staff, or ask us questions about our outpatient care, visit us and tour our community.

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