Building Self-Esteem and Promoting Empowerment

Individuals who seek rehabilitation services normally strive to heal their physical bodies, but it is also very significant to one’s recovery to heal their mind as well. One’s self-esteem can [...]

Return to Driving After Stroke

The effects of a stroke can impact your function in all daily activities. As therapists, our focus is to assist in your recovery so that you can enjoy the tasks that are meaningful to you. These [...]

Assistive Technology for Cognition

Technology use for people with cognitive impairment is quickly becoming commonplace in neurological rehabilitation. Technology that is a part of our everyday lives can increase independent [...]

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when brain cells are damaged from trauma to the head. This can result from a blow or jolt to the head or body, such as in a motor vehicle accident, fall, [...]

Surviving Grief

Written By: Mariano Hinojosa  Almost all of us have experienced the death of a family member or a close friend.  The resulting grief is often almost unbearable.  The loss is unbelievable and the [...]

How to Manage Your Spasticity

Managing Your Spasticity  After a brain injury occurs, you may experience many new symptoms. Significant muscle tightness, known as spasticity of hypertonicity,  may be one of these symptoms. [...]

Reducing the Risk of a Stroke

What is a Stroke? Stroke is a disease that negatively affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. A stroke occurs when brain cannot get the oxygen and nutrients it needs from a clot [...]

10 Tips for Healthy Eating with Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic imbalance of blood glucose levels. Diabetes can be managed through diet, exercise, and medication. Choosing the right foods, eating regular meals, and limiting portions are [...]

Sage’s Parkinson’s Outreach and Wellness Program

Sage Rehabilitation Hospital and Outpatient Services proudly presents Sage’s Parkinson’s Outreach and Wellness Program supported by a community grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation. A FREE [...]

Sage’s Parkinson’s Outreach and Wellness Program

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