Driving in Older Adults

Driving is a way of keeping individuals mobile and independent. The ability to drive to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or to eat out with friends brings great joy to many lives. [...]

Why Might I Need a Custom Manual or Power Wheelchair?

People may initially view wheelchairs as a sign of disability; however, many do not know that appropriately prescribed custom wheelchairs and seating systems can give people back their ABILITY [...]

Free LSVT Wellness Event

Join our LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD® physical, occupational, and speech therapists and check out our evidenced-based exercises for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and our focus on improving [...]

What Is LSVT BIG® and LOUD®?

Individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions often present with smaller, slower movements and lower volume of speech. The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, also [...]

How Can a Day Neuro Program Help Stroke Patients?

Sage Rehabilitation offers a Day Neuro program providing a comprehensive treatment experience to individuals who are recovering from a neurologic condition such as a stroke. The Day Neuro program [...]